Simon Brown has written seventeen popular books and some of these have become best sellers. Practical Feng Shui has sold a million copies around the world. Simon's latest book is the Feng Shui Life Coach. All the books are written in an accessible, clear, understandable style that explains feng shui in a common sense, practical manner.

Feng Shui Life Coach - Godsfield

This book explores the simple, practical, common sense reality of feng shui. It is ideal for beginners and people who want to try feng shui quickly without learning a lot of theory. The book works by encouraging the reader to use his or her experience of how different buildings can influence our mood and out of this develop an intuitive understanding of feng shui. This book is beautifully illustrated throughout making it easy to use and follow.

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The Feng Shui Bible - Sterling / Godsfield

This book is written as the ultimate expression of the whole subject of feng shui with very clear descriptions of chi, yin and yang, the five elements, trigrams and directions. It includes a feng shui astrology section and all the information to carry out a feng shui survey of your own home. There is plenty of reference material and this book is ideal for beginners and feng shui practitioners. Full colour photographs and charts make this book easy to read, clear and understandable.

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Practical Feng Shui - Sterling / Cassell Illustrated

This is one of the best selling books on feng shui and has been popular in China and Japan. It clearly explains all the feng shui principles and the feng shui astology that can be used with feng shui. Practical Feng Shui has more of an emphasis on interior decoration than the other books with photographs of colour samples, wallpaper pattern and various textures. You will find lots of feng shui tips and ideas for the home here.


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