A Feng Shui Definition and Explanation

Subjects like feng shui that have been practiced over thousands of years and among many different cultures can be challenging to define, explain and express clearly. Feng Shui author, teacher, expert, consultant and chair of the Feng Shui Society Simon Brown provides one concise explanation.


Feng shui is a study of how humans interact with their environment. Feng Shui is the practice of understanding the interaction between people, buildings and the environment in order to enhance quality of life. The term feng shui originated in ancient China and its basis is chi, a vital energy present in everything. In practice feng shui focuses on the way a building can influence the behaviour, emotions, health and thoughts of people spending time there. The body of knowledge that contributes to feng shui explores the influence of building design, interior design, features, furniture, imagery and the location people place themselves within a building at any given time.