Feng Shui For Business


Business success comes about from having every part of our business working to its full potential. If we can keep every aspect of our business at its peak then we can compete, increase our appeal and keep our staff happy. One of the factors that can make a difference is the building itself. Where we work will have subtle influence on how we work. A happy, healthy building can increase productivity, reduce staff turnover and reduce absenteeism. More than that, in my experience of feng shui, a healthy office can increase creativity, improve team working and help concentration. In this situation the people working there will often feel less stressed helping reduce the risk of many illnesses.


I have described six areas of a business that can make a difference in terms of positive feng shui. These are introducing indoor plants, working at least one metre from sources of EMF, sitting with a good view of the room, having a view out of a window, surrounding yourself with positive imagery and creating a supportive atmosphere. They represent practical modifications that are often easy to implement.


Indoor plants have been found in numerous studies to help reduce stress. They bring their own living energy to a building and help create a more natural atmosphere. There is some evidence that plants can help reduce electro magnetic fields (EMF) in a building. In addition growing, healthy plants helps clean the air. More than this plants are a very effective way to reduce sound in an open space. As sound waves pass through the leaves, the leaves vibrate taking the energy of the sound out of the air, muffling the sound. Generally a room with lots of healthy plants will feel fresher, more alive and vibrant.

Plants can be of all varieties and sizes, including bushes, cacti, peace lilies, ivy, spider plants, money plants or small fig trees. They can grow in pots, from hanging baskets, up a trellis or in trays.


The images we surround ourselves with can have a subtle influence on the way we feel. A recent study suggested people felt happier after looking at an image of the Mona Lisa. When choosing images pay particular attention to the way you feel about them. You might find images of people, landscapes, water, plants, creatures or the sky especially relaxing, inspiring or motivating. Sometimes colours can help change our mood. Modern art provides a rich canvas for strong colours and you may find that a particular shade of colour brightens up your day.


Electro magnetic fields are created by most electrical equipment that uses a mains 240v ac supply. In an office this could apply to the older cathode ray screens, fax machines, copiers, CPU, fluorescent lighting, wireless phones and air conditioning units. Research suggests that long term exposure may increase the risk of headaches, migraines, poor concentration, fatigue and in extreme cases even cancer.

The easiest way to reduce our exposure to EMF is to sit at least one metre from the source. So at a typical desk a keyboard, wired phone and flat screen are not of concern but it would be helpful to move other items like CPU, fax or copier away.

In addition it is likely that earthing ourselves help free ourselves of the free electron accumulated from exposure to EMF. Try walking bare foot, gardening, showers, baths or swimming regularly. In addition eating food high in anti-oxidants will increase our bodies ability to heal the influence of EMF. More fruit, vegetables and herb teas will help here.


Sitting with our back to a room can leave us feeling less secure as the activity of in the room takes place behind us. In addition sitting facing a wall can feel claustrophobic as though we cannot expand forwards. Sitting facing into a room with our back to a wall can feel more natural, empowering and secure. If arranging an open plan office allows staff to face into the room and see each other it will in theory help team working.


Research suggests that being able to look out of a window with a view of nature, or at least the sky, helps us feel less stressed. Big windows and office layouts that place people with a view of the outside can benefit the people working there and ultimately help the business succeed.


Colours, materials, shapes, plants, sounds, natural light, lighting, furniture, layout, organisation, tidiness all combine to create an atmosphere in a place. Attention and awareness of these factors can combine to create a work space that will help the business succeed.